The first Arcade game available to play right off the bat is Bitman!

What is Bitman?

In Bitman you play as a hungry Bitcoin that must navigate its way through an enclosed maze. The aim is to consume all the fiat currency (dots) to advance to the next level.

How can I play?

To play Bitman, first ensure you have at least 10,000 ARCN.

Next, visit our website https://arcade.money/, click "Power On" -> "New Game" and then select Bitman as the game you would like to play.

Once you are here you need to connect your wallet. Ensure your are on the Ethereum mainnet when connecting.

Once your wallet is correctly connected, you will need to click on "Approve" to allow deposits of ARCN to play the game.

Once approved, click "Play", confirm the transaction for a deposit of 10,000 ARCN and play!

Once you have finished playing, your score will show on the Leaderboard with your wallet address that you connected to the game. If you have scored high enough to get into the top 3 high scores, you will be eligible for a share of the winnings in the prize pot!

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