💰Arcade Treasury

How will the Arcade Treasury utilize proceeds from the Ecosystem to benefit the project?

The treasury is designed with the purpose of bettering multiple aspects of the Arcade project. These include:

  • Marketing Campaigns - Treasury funds will be committed towards planned marketing operations, potential partnerships and listings to expand awareness of Arcade.

  • The Liquidity Pool - ARCN and ETH from the Treasury will be strategically used to buffer the liquidity pool for Arcade in order bolster market stability and depth.

  • Development & Growth - A portion of the Treasury will be put towards further development of Arcade, including new games, an improved user experience and sufficient continual management.

  • Revenue Share & Leaderboard Prizes - The Arcade Protocol smart contract will have additional ETH sent in from the Treasury to boost both the revenue share sent out to Earners & the prize pool won by top Players.

  • Community Engagement - Community-focused competitions will be run such as buy competitions, engagement/creativity rewards, and more!

A share of ARCN entering into the Treasury wallet (through tax or ARCN game deposits) will be systematically swapped for ETH to contribute to all of the above.

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